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ARCH 603 – Architecture's Bodies: Agency and Control


The aim of this seminar is to think carefully about how bodies engage with architecture and the built environment. Through theoretical and historical texts, we will consider the lived-experience of subjects and the ways that subjects are governed and guided by their world. We will read both from the orientations of phenomenology and of biopolitics, from the activities of agency and forces of control.

In a departure from how many architectural discourses have been framed in the past, we will begin from the premise that bodies are not singular. A particular aim of this course will be to attend to the ways differences in race, gender, class, and ability affect access to, and the experience of, the built environment.

This seminar will be structured around a series of spaces in the built environment of varying scales. These space will include the ramp, the screen, the hold, the bathroom, the kitchen, the entrance, the plantation, the factory, the birthing room, the field, the office campus, and the courtroom. One of the objectives of this course is to think these spaces and their associations with bodies in multiple ways.


Wed 2:00-5:00pm 1360 A&AB


Bryan Norwood


Course Brief