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ARCH 714 – ProSeminar


Are you ready for the real world? Is the real world ready for you? 
Related to MSc areas of concentration (Design and Health, Digital & Material Technologies) this course is set up to explore the keystone that links your work, projects and scholarship, to the opportunities that live in the world beyond the academy. 
Together we will discover the unique opportunities that you can craft for yourself [and the world] as you step into the profession with different methods of research and practice. The course will consist of lectures, debates, dialogues, and “blurred boundary” projects where you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone into new domains. You will get a chance to interact with professionals in the design and allied fields including architecture, construction, urban design, and strategy. You will get to profile some “hybrid” professionals- who have taken the road less traveled to create roles that never existed before. With a pragmatic anchor to some poetic explorations, you will connect directly with hiring managers to assess how your work and your potential can be communicated most effectively. Finally, you will meet clients in the middle of doing projects at different scales who will pose challenges for you- which you will meet with a research-integrated design/ design-integrated research approach.  
A key component of the course will be engaging with “inputs” from the world in the most critical and actionable way possible- be that peer-reviewed articles, mainstream media, news channels, social media, or trade publications- and learn how to be a linguist – translate between the languages of different outlets and different disciplines- to get to the core of the message, and the opportunity. 
At the end of the course you will be just a little more prepared to tackle the journey you are about to undertake as you enter the proverbial “job market”. This requires being able to step back and truly understand the state (and the need) in the discipline today and see yourself, your peers, and your work in the context of where we are going, and could be going, as a profession.


Fri 9:00am-12:00pm 2222 A&AB


Upali Nanda


Course Brief