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URP 534 – Crime & Community Development


This course focuses on the role that public safety and criminal justice play in community development. The first part of the course provides an overview of the American criminal justice system -- its mission, its organization, its recent history, and its current challenges. Our goal in this part of the course will be to understand the nature and challenges of the main components of the criminal justice system, including police, prisons, community corrections, and courts. The second part explores the intersection between the criminal justice system and significant community development actors, including affordable housing providers, grass-roots community organizations, economic development agencies, and small business owners. Our goal in this part of the course will be to become familiar with some of the major debates about public safety and criminal justice that arise in disadvantaged communities, including gun violence, intrusive policing, street drug markets, public disorder, and eviction.


Thu 2:30-5:30pm 2213 A&AB


David Thacher


Course Brief