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Feedback & Reporting

Taubman College DEI Feedback & Reporting

As part of Taubman College’s efforts to be a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable place, it is important to establish ways for all members of the College to provide feedback, seek guidance, and report discrimination and harassment. Any information you share is confidential and you won’t be penalized for speaking up.

If you would like to provide input, feedback, or ideas on how Taubman College is doing in terms of its DEI efforts, please complete Taubman College DEI Feedback form, which will be sent to the Taubman College DEI Team. You may submit the form anonymously if you prefer. Please share with the DEI Team what is working, what is not working, and what can be done differently to advance DEI efforts at Taubman College and the University of Michigan.

You can always, for any reason (including issues related to discrimination and harassment), contact Taubman College DEI Specialist, Joana Dos Santos at joanads@umich.edu or 734-647-9129. Joana can also help you learn more about the Taubman College DEI Strategic Plan, get your feedback, input and ideas, and guide you in the right direction with any DEI-related issues you may have.

If you experience, or are witness to, discrimination or harassment, you can report it to the University directly, through the Expect Respect portal. If you are not sure if the conflict or behavior you experience is considered discrimination or harassment, the University has many institutional resources to guide you through that process. Find a list of the resources (which can be used by all members of the University) here. You can always contact Taubman College DEI Specialist, Joana Dos Santos (joanads@umich.edu), for support and guidance.