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Course Detail

Term Winter 2017
Class UP 835
Class Title Ph.D. Research Seminar
Description Research Seminar --- This course will build on the Research Design, UP825, and will involve a step-by-step process to move students from 1) identifying an interest in an area of planning to 2) identifying a problem within that area and 3) finally arriving at a research question that adds to an existing gap in the literature. This winnowing process will be highly iterative as students move through assignments that shape and bound a literature review, identify salient research questions, proposed an appropriate method, and identify the relevance of the proposal. The class will culminate in student proposal presentations to the entire planning faculty as a means to gain experience succinctly presenting research ideas and acquire comments from different perspectives.
Prereq Permission of instructor
Crosslist none
Required Yes
Elective No
Meets Wednesday 9:00am-12:00pm 2204 A&AB

Credits 4
Faculty Joe Grengs
Syllabus not available