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Term Winter 2018
Class ARCH 506
Class Title Alter-Urbanism
Description Within the cracks and crevices, and sometimes within the most central arteries of our human world cities, alternative urbanisms and informal settlements have sprung up and are thriving, surviving, wheeling and dealing. These prevalent alternative urbanisms have been invented and enacted not by forward thinking architects or urban designers, but rather by migrants to cities who by
necessity must produce housing that meets their requirements economically, culturally, spatially and socially. In some cases, in fact in most cases, these are identifi able and nameable as “slums”. In this course, we will explore more nuanced and specifi c forms of these informal settlements with a special emphasis on those that could be argued are not slums at all, but on the contrary are viable, sustainable and inventive new forms of urban environments or domains.
Prereq none entered yet
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm 2210 A&AB
Credits 3
Faculty Mary-Ann Ray
Syllabus A506-WINTER-2018_Ray.pdf
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