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File Storage

College students can accumulate substantial amounts of data from their courses, including photos, images, documents and projects, datasets, and downloaded course material.  University agreements with Google and Box provide each student with 50Gb of Box storage and unlimited storage on Google.  The College also provides shared storage for courses who need additional space or have particular collaboration needs.  External storage drives are another inexpensive way to store your data. Drives can be purchased from big box stores, via the web, or at the UM Computing Showcase. Depending on the drive size, speed, and manufacturer, sizable external drives can typically be purchased for less than $100.00.  


Every University student is provided with 50Gb of web-based storage on Box.com, a University service called M+Box. In addition to its accessibility wherever a web browser is available, M+Box provides an easy way to share files, to preview a variety of file types through a web browser, and, with Box Sync, allows changes to local files to automatically update those files on Box.


The University's Google Apps for Education agreement provides each student with Google e-mail, calendaring, and Google's Docs and Drive applications.  This past year, Google began providing unlimited storage on Drive.  Drive also offers, when using Google Docs, a platform for real-time collaborative editing and commenting, features now widely used in meetings and group work.  The installable Google Drive provides syncing between local files and Google Drive.

College course storage

The College provides storage for courses where there are large amounts of data to be shared or particular collaborative needs, such as Revit collaborative modeling.