University of Michigan
Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
PY1 Fall 2001
Faculty: John Comazzi, Chris Knapp, Mireille Roddier, Elise Shelley, Kristine Synnes, Dan West

  The emphasis here shifts from object appearances to processes of formation, dynamics of occupancy, and the poetics of becoming…Thus, if the role of the landscape architect is less to picture or represent these activities than it is to facilitate, instigate and diversify their effects in time, then the development of more performative forms of imaging (as devising, enabling, unfolding techniques) is fundamental to this task. A move away from ameliorative and scenographic designs toward more productive, engendering strategies necessitates a parallel shift from appearances and meanings to more prosaic concerns for how things work, what they do, how they interact, and what agency and effects they might exercise over time.
—James Corner, "Eidetic Operations and New Landscapes"
  Project 1: BODIES IN MOTION: a wall in the garden
The Story Behind PY1 Fall 2001
The Assignment
  Students Involved: Siama Akhtar, Nicole Bober, Amanda Christianson, Dana DeJonge, Wes Delprete,
Leila Kanar, Mike Lovato, Mary Martin, Laura Rosenberg, Erin Russel, Carl Sapura, Stephen Signor,
Josh Simanskey, Andy Traugh, Lindsay Wai
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