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December 2018 DEI Spotlight - María Arquero de Alarcón

December 2018 DEI SPOTLIGHT

Name: María Arquero de Alarcón

Expanded Horizons

Preferred Pronoun: She/hers/her (Ella/suyo(a)/de ella)

Affiliation/Title: Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning; Director, Master of Urban Design

Degree(s): professional degree in Architecture and Urbanism; Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture; Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design

Home Country: Spain

Language(s) Spoken: Español and a little bit of English

Gender Identity: Female

Racial Identity: Hispanic white

What are identities that you would like to share? I would share a mode: in progress. I feel I am continuously drafting who I am, and who I am not, and assessing those transitions is so important.

Favorite food: Jamón Ibérico (top, top one), Gazpacho, Tortilla de Patatas, Cocido and Lentejas (following my mom’s recipe)

Favorite book and why: To continue sharing a bit of my culture, I would say Don Quijote, by Cervantes. I like that being a Quijote means being idealistic, working in a disinterested and committed way to defend fair causes. Sometimes, it could even mean that you take for real things that only exist in the realm of imagination. And cultivating imagination is such an important part of what we do as architects and urbanists.

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: Traveling and eating, enjoying long sobremesas*, always in good company.

* time you spend at the table enjoying company and conversation after you've finished eating.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: By listening first, un-building and rebuilding what (I thought) I knew, and then taking action in a multiplicity of efforts in collaboration with students and alumni, faculty and staff colleagues, and outside partners. More than mentioning a single initiative, I am interested in exploring ways to transform my teaching, research and service, recognizing the wealth of knowledge that we all contribute when working together.

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? It is an urgent matter in our society and its institutions. Being in academia at this very moment is a privilege because we can do so much to build value in a culture that recognizes, respects, promotes and celebrates difference.


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