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January 2020 DEI Spotlight - ARC (Architecture Representative Committee)


Committee Members: 

Coordinators: Chris Humphrey + Ishan Pal

Team: Kassem Chammout, Megan Clevenger, Scott Crandall, Gibson Davis, Eddie Falowski, Elizabeth Greene, Abigail Incontro, Talia Moretti, Hana Saifullah,  Torri Smith, Zach Stewart, Alex Sulek, Kaylee Tucker, John Vieweg, Michael Werkmiester, Kylie Williams

About ARC: ARC is the mediating body between architecture faculty, administration, and students, which unifies and leverages the student voice to enact change and brings the student body together for social events and other activities. The organization strives to be an independent and a recognizable channel through which students can express and act upon their academic, social, and global interests. 

Faculty Advisor: McLain Clutter

Group Achievements: Increasing dialogue within the school between the students, programs, and faculty. ARC has worked to bring new traditions to the college such as Final Friday, Meet n Eats, and Peer Sessions. Additionally, ARC has an open line of communication between students and  administration to ensure that student concerns are continually resolved. 

DEI Contribution/Highlight: We have developed a series of programs aimed at increasing the dialogue in a variety of settings. Final Fridays bring the whole school together for monthly fellowship, Meet n Eats allow students to engage with faculty in a casual setting, and Peer Sessions encourage student to student interactions. These events have also offered a  platform for students from multiple identities to celebrate their customs and share their voice within the school.

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? Taubman College has a wide range of students from so many different backgrounds, locations, and identities. Our goal in the college has been to connect the gap between different student groups to encourage interaction so that issues can be resolved, our community can strengthen, and ultimately, we can celebrate our diversity with our peers. We believe that this diversity is the strength of Taubman College and it will only get better through inclusive interactions and social mixity.


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