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January 2020 DEI Spotlight - FabLab Team

January 2020 DEI SPOTLIGHT

Name: FabLab Team (Garret Wood-Sternburgh, Rachael Henry, and Carlos Pompeo) 

Affiliation/Title: Staff

About FabLab: We are a space for research, making, and education, available to students and faculty alike. In the lab we house state-of-the art machinery that allows for industrial-type production including: 3 and 5-axis routers, high pressure waterjet, a welding and metals lab, 7-axis robots, automated knife cutter, laser cutters, 3D printers, among others. Going beyond the machines, the FABLab is a resource for designing research processes and helping those who wish to make plan and execute the project they have in mind. 

Home Country: USA, USA, Venezuela

Language(s) Spoken:  English, French; English; Spanish, English

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: Volleyball and bowling; video gaming and playing soccer; video gaming and cooking

FabLab Achievements: The FABLab regularly supports research that is published in national and world-wide conferences such as ACADIA and Fabricate. We support a wide variety of research across many different colleges within the university by offering services and input that benefits the student body and alumni alike.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: We have and continue to do our absolute best to provide a space for those who  want to be a part of the lab assistant team to participate; doing our best ensures that our staff can do their best. We continually provide a safe, inclusive, educational space for any and all skill levels.

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? As proven by the student body here at TC, fabrication and making does not belong to any one group of people. Making is the basis of architecture and we are here to support and foster making for all who wish to participate. 


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