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January 2021 DEI Spotlight - Alex Judelsohn


Name: Alex Judelsohn

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her/Hers 

Affiliation/Title: PhD Student 

Degree(s): Bachelor of Art in Media Studies; Master in Urban Planning; PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, Candidate 2023

Home Country: United States

Language(s) Spoken: Sadly only English 

Gender Identity: Female

Racial Identity: White 

Favorite Food: Green chili chicken 

What are other identities that you would like to share? Soon-to-be parent, Jewish, ally, friend, student 

Favorite book and why: There are so many. Recently I read and loved On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong, a heartbreaking immigrant novel about what it means to live in the US.

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: I enjoy spending time in nature, walking my dog, jigsaw puzzles, baking and cooking adventurous dishes, and reading novels.  

DEI Contribution/Highlight: Since arriving at Taubman I have helped to organize the Taubman College PhD Pathways program, which seeks to diversify students in our PhD programs.

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? My research aims to foster equitable, inclusive, and healthy communities. To solve challenging and complex problems related to inequities we must take an approach that recognizes different experiences and types of knowledge.


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