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October 2019 DEI Spotlight - CJ Darr

October 2019 DEI SPOTLIGHT

Name: CJ Darr

Preferred Pronoun: He/Him/His

Affiliation/Title: Media Center Staff, Production Supervisor

Degree(s): Bachelor of Fine Arts

Home Country: United States

Language(s) Spoken: English, Italian 

Gender Identity: Male

Favorite food: Pasta Carbonara

Favorite book and why: The Art Of Seeing Sideways, by Alan Fletcher. This book is a rambling of interesting facts and advice about how humans see or perceive the visual landscape.

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: Practicing heavy metal Accordion riffs and canoe camping with my dog.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: Throughout the last 7 years working in the Media Center, I have worked to expand services to include non-material goods, like food items, and offer plotting services to other University departments to subsidize the hidden cost of the mandatory class supplies needed for model making and plotting for architecture and planning students so everyone is able to afford quality and convenient supplies in house. Lowering costs and increasing pricing transparency ensures everyone can make the most informed decision about how to spend their money while in school. 

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? Expanding one’s intellect requires the ability to think and see from different points of view. Curiosity about other people’s cultures and experiences facilitates the expansion of one’s self.


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