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October 2019 DEI Spotlight - Leah Hong

October 2019 DEI SPOTLIGHT

Name: Leah Hong 

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her/Hers

Affiliation/Title: Student 

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Candidate 2020

Home Country: United States

Language(s) Spoken: English, Korean 

Gender Identity: Cisgender Woman

Favorite Food: 고추장찌개 (Gochujang Jigae, Korean chili paste stew)

Favorite book and why: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster will always have a special place in my heart as a light-hearted story that reminds me that, with a little thought, anything can be made important and precious, and often even the simplest of things can excite and surprise if taken from another perspective.

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: When I have free time outside Taubman, I like to spend time being with friends, painting, or going on walks.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: I’ve practiced efforts to not overwhelm more marginalized voices with my own but to bring attention to them and listen through collaboration with other members of the Taubman community in student-voice projects such as “Dear Architecture” as well as participating in the Initiative for Inclusive Design. 

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? Efforts to promote DEI can lay the framework for a broader range of erspectives and opinions to self-expression, which leads to a fuller examination of our individual and collective lives—a capacity for reflection which I think is instrumental in developing a more empathetic, cooperative society. At it’s best, DEI means that more people are recognized as having a valued place in teaching and learning from each other in respectful, productive ways. 


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