Message from the Chair of Urban and Regional Planning

Dear Admitted Student:

Michigan Planners understand that the best ideas emerge when we listen and learn from each other.

Michigan Planners look beyond our borders for inspiration and new approaches.

Michigan Planners believe that collective action produces positive change.

Michigan Planners recognize that transparent decision-making underlies democracy.

Michigan Planners employ an assets-based approach to empower residents in participatory planning processes.

Michigan Planners challenge practices and institutions that fail to address social disadvantage and historical injustices.

Michigan Planners shape places that expand opportunities and celebrate the human spirit.

Michigan Planners recognize the need for radical imagination in these extraordinary times.

I look forward to you joining us and becoming a Michigan Planner as part of the Taubman College community at the University of Michigan.

Larissa Larsen
Chair of the Urban and Regional Planning Program