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Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Match

Taubman College provides a one-for-one match (up to $10,000) for graduate degree seeking students who enroll with a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. The Taubman College match is based on the unexpended amount, unless a student has not previously used a part of this education award elsewhere.

A typical Segal award for one year of full-time service, when matched by Taubman dollars, would cover between 25-35% of tuition for one year, based on projected 2021 tuition rates. A typical two-year award would cover between 45-65% of tuition for one year, based on 2021 tuition rates.

Fee Waiver Eligible

Applicants who are recipients of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award are eligible for an application fee waiver from Taubman College.

To request an application fee waiver, complete either the Architecture Fee Waiver Request Form or Urban and Regional Planning Fee Waiver Reques Form. After you submit your request, you will receive an email from taubmancollegeadmissions@umich.edu asking for a Letter of Verification or other documentation from your organization that includes dates of service. Upon receipt of the Letter of Verification, Taubman staff will confirm eligibility and determine if a waiver is available.  If approved, you will receive a fee waiver code via email with additional instructions.

How the Segal Award is applied to student accounts

The Taubman College match occurs after an admitted student has accepted the offer of admission. Admitted students are required to submit a copy of their Segal award letter to the Registrar, who will then post the matching funds to a student’s account.

To learn more about the Estimated Cost of Attendance at Taubman College:

Questions about the Segal Award Match?

Email us at TaubmanCollegeAdmissions@umich.edu

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