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4+2 Global Degree Pathway Program

Earn your M.Arch degree at Taubman College through an Accelerated Master’s Degree Program (AMDP)

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About the Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

Our Master of Architecture (M.Arch) is a professional degree program, accredited by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NAAB), that prepares students for professional careers in the field of architecture in an increasingly interconnected world. The program is a studio-intensive degree that takes a critical view of design, theory, and production. You will supplement your coursework with a diverse selection of electives in history/theory, criticism, structures, environmental and construction technology, urbanism, sustainable design, computation, and digital fabrication.  You will bring your education together in a design thesis during your final academic year.

Students have the opportunity to earn a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree while completing their undergraduate degree in architecture at the SJTU Design School (SJTU-DS). Students begin their studies at U-M Taubman College during the fall of their fifth year of study.

Program Details

This program utilizes a 4+2 pathway model.

  • Students complete 4 years of study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Design School (SJTU-DS) toward their undergraduate degree in architecture.
  • Students complete 2 years of study with a minimum of 60 credits at U-M Taubman College to earn their M.Arch degree.
    • Students are admitted to U-M Taubman College as departmental non-candidate for degree (“NCFD”) students. Students complete the first year of their M.Arch program in Ann Arbor. Students admitted to U-M under NCFD status will engage in a full-time course of study that is oriented toward completing both the requirements of their bachelor’s degree at SJTU-DS and earning credits toward an M.Arch degree at U-M. Students will be required to take a full load of courses (minimum twelve [12] credits per term) during their first year at U-M.
  • In the spring/summer of their fifth (5th) academic year, students will transfer U-M credits to SJTU-DS and complete any other SJTU-DS requirement for their bachelor’s degree from SJTU-DS.
  • Contingent upon maintaining a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 during their fifth (5th) year of study at U-M, and contingent upon completion of their bachelor’s degree from SJTU-DS, students in the Program will be admitted to the two- (2)-year M.Arch. degree program at U-M.
  • During their sixth (6th) academic year, accepted students will enroll in the U-M M.Arch degree program for a minimum of two (2) full terms with a minimum of nine (9) credits per term, undertaking U-M’s requirements for the M.Arch degree.
  • Students can typically complete the M.Arch. degree program at the end of the sixth (6th) academic year, they must complete the required 60 credit hours of coursework.

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