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Labs and Workshops

Digital Fabrication Lab

Contact Information: 734.764.6716 | Room 1225 | taubmancollegefablab@umich.edu

The FABLab staff support the missions of the Taubman College and the University of Michigan by acting as stewards of digital fabrication technologies. They ensure digital fabrication resources are in optimal condition, to meet the needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the College.

Wes McGee
Director and Associate Professor of Architecture

Office: 1248 A  |  734-936-0246




Rachael Henry
Digital Fabrication Lab Manager

Office: 1225




Chris Humphrey
Digital Fabrication Lab Research Associate





Caitlin Driver
Digital Fabrication Lab Research Specialist






Contact Information: 734.763.5236 | Room 1251 | mrkrecic@umich.edu

The shop is a 6,000 square foot facility located on the first floor, in the southwest wing of the Art + Architecture Building. A fully equipped wood shop with several stations of the most common machines, the shop also has a good complement of plastics and metal working equipment and two CAD–driven laser cutters for wood, paper, and plastics. The shop staff of professional model makers oversees and guides all work in the shop, and they conduct annual training programs for students.

Mark Krecic
Senior Shop Coordinator

Office: 1251  |  734-763-5236




Kenneth Kalchik
Assistant Shop Coordinator

Office: 1251  |  734-763-5236


As the shop assistant coordinator, Kenneth Kalchik will assist in training and facilitating work for students of both Taubman College and the Stamps School of Art and Design. An alum of Taubman College, Ken received his bachelor of science in architecture in 2007. He is a licensed residential builder and has previously held various positions in architecture, construction, and manufacturing.


Metals Lab

Contact Information: Room 1244 | mickk@umich.edu

The Metals Lab, is located within the FabLab and provides tools, equipment, training, and workspace for small and large scale projects involving sheet metals and steel structural sections. MIG (metal inert gas) welding stations, metal shears, and brakes as well as cutting and bending equipment are available. The Metals Lab allows for a range of fabrication as well as exploratory work in support of studio and thesis work, research, and design–build projects. Introductory tutorials in MIG welding and metals fabrication can be scheduled through the lab coordinator. Tutorials in the use of Metals Lab equipment are available only by appointment. Please contact Mick Kennedy to schedule an appointment. Assistance is available for fabrication projects as well as for exploratory design work. 


Contact Information: Room 2107A | nscholtz@umich.edu

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning offers a variety of computational services to support architecture, urban planning and urban design students. The Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SAND) North Lab houses computer facilities equipped with tools for handling digital geographic information and the spatial analysis of built form.

Nicole Scholtz
Spatial and Numeric Data Librarian

Office: 2207  |  734-615-5129



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