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Dimensions 15

Volume 15

2001, 160 pages, 9" x 12", out of print


Editorial Board


Yousif A. Albustani, Lillie Arrazola, Robert M. Beckley, Alexander Briseno, Chuihua Judy Chung, Kevin Daly, Karl Daubmann, Henk Döll, Craig Dykers, Chris Genik, William Glover, Lars Gräbner, Mikko Heikkinen, Anne Hinsman, Olivia Hyde, Carlos Jimenez, Adrianna Jordan, Coleman Jordan, Sze Tsung Leong, Daniel Libeskind, Rahul Mehrotra, Michael Meredith, Keith Mitnick, Martha Skinner, Cara Soh, Billie Tsien, Christian Unverzagt, Xavier Vendrell, Tod Williams


Yumiko Aoki, Lillie Arrazola, Alexander Briseno, Tara Earnest, Adrianna Jordan, Sadashiv Mallya, Malvika Shah, Hilary Padget, Tonio Vicari, John Wagner

Faculty Advisor

Brian Carter


Dimensions 15 (PDF 56.2MB)

Out of print.

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Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning