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Dimensions 25

Volume 25

2012, 224 pages, 8" x 10"


Thesis: Bradley Cooper, Jacqueline Shaw, Lisa Sauvé, Jessica Timmer, Ryan Donaghy, Chris Holzwart, Matthew Slingerland, Robert Yuen. Architecture Fellows: Nahyun Hwang, Jesse LeCavalier, Irene Hwang. Lecturers: Robert Somol, Preston Scott Cohen, Francis D.K. Ching, and Alexander D'Hooge. Saarinen/Swanson Essay Competition: Julie Chau and Michael P. McCulloch. Wallenberg Studio: Grant Weaver, Marsie Klug, Ian Sinclair, and Jacqueline Kow. With an Introduction by Dean Monica Ponce de Leon, Afterword by Architecture Chair John McMorrough, and postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


Robin Chhabra, Emily Kutil, Nathan Mattson, Elizabeth Nichols, and Steven Scharrer

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


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