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Dimensions 27

Volume 27


2014, 184 pages, 8" x 10"

Volume 27 Release

Insights @ Taubman College: D27 Release from Taubman College on Vimeo.


Thesis: Megha Chandrasekhar, Chris Mascari, Brandon Vieth, Dorimar Del Rio Velez, Hans Papke, Virginia A. Black, Dan McTavish, Brittany Nicole Gacsy, Nick Safley, Emily Kutil. Wallenberg Studio: Drew Kaczmarek, Carly Gertler, Daniel Marty, Robert Michel. Architecture Fellows: Alex Maymind, Andrew Holder, Christian Stayner. Interviews with Shohei Shigematsu (OMA), Georgeen Theordore (Interboro), and Sharon Haar. Saarinen Swanson Essay Competition: Heidi Wong, Anastasia Kostrominova. Research Through Making: Maciej Kaczynski. Experts in Studio: Georgeen Theodore, Kathy Velikov. With a foreword by Dean Monica Ponce de Leon, and a postscript by Christian Unverzagt.


Caitlin Cashner, Laura Kiyokane, Andrew Isaac Ng, Jason Park, Sally Tsang, Heidi Wong, John Yoon

Faculty Advisor

Christian Unverzagt


Dimensions 27

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Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning