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Dimensions 7

Volume 7

1993, 180 pages, 8" x 10", out of print


Josh Brandfonbrener, Colin Clipson, Douglas Darden, Ronit Eisenbach, Sheila Kennedy, Geoffrey Makstutis, Randall Ott, J. Jiyun Park, Richard M. Parrish, Tom Sherry, Emil Sotirov, Donald L. Stenstrom, Charles Waldheim. With a preface by Aditya D. Sood.

Student Work

Lisa Belian, Steve Vanden Bussche, Chin Shui Chen, Laura Ann Church, Scott Engstrom, Michelle Filipiak, Dawn Finley, Eydie Ann Gretkierewicz, Leekyung Han, Dan Harmon, Ana Henton, Brian D. Junge, Laura King, Steven D. Koop, Lisa Kulisek, Curt Laitinen, Anderson Lee, Junhee H. Lee, Yun-Jen Lu, Gordon Merritt, Brett Pudik, Suzanne Roach, Eric Romano, Rob Rose Jr., Daniel Tryles, Mark Womble, Michael Yung


Christine Arnouts, Danny Barry, Theresa Choe, Laura Ann Church, Patrick Cooleybeck, Anne Barnes Crowley, Sisia Daglian, Sinh Dinh, Jeff Etelamaki, Johathan Fahling, Amy Finlayson, Robin Ford, Nicole Haglund, James Hakes, Jennifer Hausler, Lisa Kulisek, Anderson Lee, Troy Ostrander, Nora Sarafian, Erik Schultz, Aditya D. Sood, Emil Sotirov, Tyra Sorenson, Christian Unverzagt, George Van Antwerp, Charles Yoo, Brian Zybura

Faculty Advisor

Robert Beckley

Dedicated to the Memory of

Donna Salzer


Dimensions 7 (PDF 102MB)

Out of print.

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Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning