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2020 architecture graduates are encouraged to submit their Wallenberg, Thesis, or MS Capstone projects for consideration for inclusion in Dimensions, Volume 34, scheduled for publication in 2021.

Dimensions is the annual, student-produced journal of architecture at the University of Michigan. Dimensions solicits work each fall for inclusion in the upcoming volume, which is designed and produced during the academic year with the guidance of a faculty advisor. Submission requirements and deadlines for the open call are listed below. All deadlines are at 11:59, EST, on the date shown. 

Submission requirements and deadlines for the open call are listed below.

Important Dates

  • October 23 – Deadline for receipt of PDF Submission — DEADLINE EXTENDED
  • October 25 – Confirmation of receipt of Submission (updated)
  • November 10 – Notification of Selection Decisions (updated)
  • November 22 – Deadline for receipt of final materials from accepted contributors (updated)

Submission Requirements

**UPDATED GUIDELINES** In light of the end of last semester shifting to an all-digital format, in addition to PDF submissions, Dimensions will also now accept video as a submission format. If the submission is chosen, the contributor will work with the Dimensions staff to reformat their work for print. To submit a video, email a link along with your .txt file and PDF of select screenshots of your video to dimensions@umich.edu per the standard submission guidelines.

Please read carefully to the bottom of this page. To best represent your project, please provide the most relevant documentation in a single PDF in any desired size, format, or number of pages. Balance the size of your file with the quality of the imagery and test your PDF on another device before submitting. Keep in mind that this PDF will not be the final layout published in the journal and additional materials along with native, hi-quality files will be requested upon acceptance. Submitters are encouraged to work from their existing portfolio format that best presents their project, rather than reformatting it to another size specifically for the open call.

Submissions should include both descriptive text and visual imagery of the project.

The submissions must remain anonymous, and student/critic/advisor names must not appear anywhere on the submission PDF.

PDF Submittal:

Use the following naming convention to submit your contribution:

Thesis Students: "D34_Thesis_Uniqname.pdf"
Wallenberg Students: "D34_Wallenberg_Uniqname.pdf"
Master of Science Students: "D34_MS_Uniqname.pdf"
Include a plain text file with your full name and a current email address named "D34_uniqname.txt"

Contributors must package both files into a single zip archive file to ensure that there is no confusion with multiple downloads. A confirmation email will be sent upon successfully receiving, unzipping, and viewing the files.

PDFs larger than 20mb will not be accepted via email and must be posted to a webhost or on-line sharing service, such as WeTransfer or shared via Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, with the download URL emailed to dimensions@umich.edu.

Zip archive under 20 MB may be emailed to dimensions@umich.edu

Files will be anonymously renamed before review by Dimensions student selection committees.

Your submission will be used as a basis for the Dimensions staff to select projects for inclusion in Dimensions 34. Given the size of the actual files used for design and production, all accepted contributors should be prepared to submit their final content materials no later than November 8, 2020. Submissions guidelines will be supplied to accepted contributors with the acceptance notice. Contributors whose final content submissions do not conform to the submissions requirements may be excluded from the final publication. Please direct any questions to dimensions@umich.edu.

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