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Azadeh Omidfar

Current Student—Ph.D in Architecture

Azadeh Omidfar

Specialization: Building Technology
Advisor: Moji Navvab

How can we reinvent a metaphor for the building façade? Originally conceived and understood as a single layer, single purpose exterior building sheath, I suggest it be conceptually replaced with a smarter system analogous to a skin containing a fully integrated set of embedded intelligent systems designed to protect, adapt, ameliorate, mitigate, and adjust to the internal conditions of the structure it contains in response to a continuously changing set of internal demands and external conditions where and when necessary.

What are the critical roles for building skins to play, intelligently integrating the continuous process of coordinating a constantly changing building internal environment with independently dynamic environmental externals that we might not have considered or imagined before? What are the building material opportunities and limitations that will temper the smart integration of internal building systems with building skins? My research focuses on the integration of building skin designs, performance and fabrication. It looks into the ways in which the design of the building skin affects people physiologically and psychologically while being affected by the environment. The research is divided into two parts: looking into an understanding of how the design aesthetics are perceived by the occupants and observers, and how we should design a skin that will allow us to integrate many disparate aspects into a single multi-functional unit, dynamic and active in its performance in response to external and internal manifestations.


  • Omidfar, Azadeh. "DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF A CONTEMPORARY HIGH PERFORMANCE." International Building Performance Simulation Association, 2011. Web. http://www.ibpsa.org/proceedings/BS2011/P_1779.pdf
  • Omidfar, Azadeh. "Design with Climate: The Role of Digital Tools in Computational Analysis of Site – Specific Architecture." Interdisciplinary Design: New Lessons from Architecture and Engineering. Ed. Daniel Weissman. N.p.: Actar, 2013. Print.


  • Daniel L. Schodek Award for Technology and Sustainability - Harvard Graduate School of Design 2011
  • EYP/Young Designers Award - 2012
  • California College of the Arts, Technology Book Award - 2008
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