Term: Fall 2022
Class Number: 523
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes

/ ARCH 523

History of Urban Form

This course offers a study of the physical form of cities around the world from ancient times to the present. Together we will survey the histories of urban formations—the spaces, structures, and streets, among other elements, that form and transform the built environment—in a range of global contexts. This examination of urban form and the processes of its transformation will provide students with an understanding of the intertwined historical forces—cultural, social, political, economic, environmental—that shape and are shaped by cities. We will draw on a selection of primary and contemporary texts by urbanists, historians, and theorists as part of our investigation. As we interrogate the layered intentions, uses, and implications of urban form over time, the course aims to foster criticality in students’ own work as designers, planners, and thinkers about urban space. How can the histories of urban form help us confront the cities of the present and future? 

This class does fulfill the architectural history requirement for the three-year Master of Architecture.


Tue, Thu 8:30-10:00am  2108 A&AB


Anna Mascorella