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Flash Event: Thesis Workshop with Tatiana Bilbao

September 24, 2012 at 7:00 pm

ABANDONEMENT, in general property law, the relinquishment of possession of property with an intent to terminate all ownership interests in that property. Abandonment may occur by throwing away the property, by losing it and making no attempt to retrieve it, by vacating the property with no intention of returning to it, or by any other act manifesting a complete disclaimer of ownership in the property. The general effect of abandonment is to give full ownership of the property to the first taker. (Britannica Encyclopedia)

The abandonment and reoccupation of a property, either clearly intentional or over time and almost by chance, is an extreme situation common within economically distressed and disadvantaged communities. Different financial crises, wars, and natural disasters throughout history have led people to be involved in this process.

Normally people within this situation are in a very delicate moment of life. By approaching the issue of abandonment, understanding both its problematic, the aesthetic and the historical qualities it possesses, and analyzing the programmatic function it could serve, we as architects could contribute by rebalancing an extreme situation and transforming abandoned properties into spaces that could serve to society again.

OPEN ONLY TO THESIS STUDENTS this competition will ask participant to formalize a miniature thesis, or polemic, relative to the topic of abandonment and reoccupation. Participants will be challenged to articulate their position in a brief written statement, and argue this position through the production of one 24″ x 36″ panel. Questions? Contact McLain Clutter at McClain@umich.edu

TATIANA BILBAO, TATIANA BILBAO S.C. Tatiana Bilbao served as Advisor for Urban Projects at the Urban Housing and Development Department of Mexico City from 1998-1999. In 2000, she co-founded Lab SC Mexico City along with architect Fernando Romero, establishing one of the first practices of contemporary architecture in the country. In addition to various architectural projects, Lab SC Mexico City was a think tank that tried to drive awareness of contemporary culture in general by organizing talks, conferences, debates and exhibitions of both architecture and related practices, art, music, theater. In 2005 Bilbao became design professor at Universidad Iberoamericana and was awarded with the Design Vanguard for one of the top 10 emerging firms of the year in 2007 by Architecture Record. Her work has been published in A+U, Domus, and The New York Times, among others. She studied architecture and urbanism at the Universidad Iberoamericana and co-founded mxdf with Derek Dellekamp, Arturo Ortiz, and Michel Rojkind. mxdf is an urban research center on the production of space, its occupation, defense, and control in Mexico City.

9/24/12: Kickoff Monday Night After Lecture (CMYK)
9/26/12: Wednesday Night Working Session (CMYK, Time TBD)
9/27/12: Thursday Final Pin Up (CMYK, Time TBD)

Thesis Workshop


September 24, 2012
7:00 pm