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Gordon Feller, Urban Age Institute
SMART Distinguished Speaker Series

January 30, 2009 at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Kissin’ Cousins – A Presentation by Gordon Feller on What Happens when Transport, Energy, and Urban Planning Systems meet (and related opportunities for SouthEast Michigan

What happens when transport systems and urban energy systems and urban planning systems start to meet? Well, they’ve always met, and in most cases they’ve been very close cousins, if not outright siblings. Gordon Feller’s presentation will ask (and maybe even begin to answer) a few important questions:

* Now that the world is noticing these inter-relationships, what’s the best way to take advantage of the opportunity created by the new perceptions of systemic interconnections?

* If Obama’s economic stimulus plan intends to pump hundreds of billions into upgrading urban infrastructure (plus rural and some other things), will it simply be renovation? Or will there be room for innovation?

* What kinds of innovations will make for sustainable urban mobility that goes beyond the usual silos and categories (smart transport, clean transit, greener built environment, livable city plans, revitalized neighborhoods)?

* What contribution could be made by advocates of a “whole systems approach” to policy making, especially where city leaders are hard-pressed to cope with the harsh realities of dysfunctional urban economies and their underlying systems?

* What lessons can Southeast Michigan draw from these systems approaches?

As CEO of Urban Age Institute (UAI), Feller leads a 15-year old international organization. UAI was founded inside the World Bank and later spun off. UAI’s team of recognized innovators help leaders to assess urban transport projects, to structure key projects and create partnerships, and increase the innovative content within these projects, to reduce risk factors. For nearly 30 years, Feller has been assisting leaders from national governments (Canada, Germany, Japan), mayors and governors (Lyon, Paris, Yokohama, Ohio), international agencies (UN, World Bank), and corporations (Citigroup, Chevron, WS Atkins).

Feller’s “Meeting of the Minds” annually convenes a select group of corporate and government leaders. It is sponsored by Toyota and Metropolis (world association of the mayors of the world’s largest cities), among others. Oregon’s Governor hosted the 2008 program with IBM and Portland General Electric as co-sponsors. While completing undergraduate and graduate degrees (both cum-laude) at Columbia University (New York), Feller received numerous fellowships and international awards. Feller’s writing has appeared in 400+ newspapers and magazines on all five continents. His first book was published during his undergrad years at Columbia.

For more information see: http://www.mtgoftheminds.org and http://www.urbanage.org/magazine.php


January 30, 2009
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm