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InDesign For Urban Planners: Three Series Beginner Workshop (2 of 3)

February 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

InDesign For Urban Planners: Three Series Beginner Workshop (2 of 3)

Taubman is pleased to offer a three series workshop for Urban Planners. Please review the details of each workshop below. Attendees can register for all three or individual workshops.
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The workshop will meet in the Duderstadt Advanced Training Lab 1, Room 3336.  

Tyler Hardy: hardyte@umich.edu

Three carefully crafted workshops designed to help colleagues grasp vital design principles that can be used to visually represent data and information.Colleagues should come with their resume files and/or relevant content. Primary goal of the workshop is for attendees to leave with a clean, revised cover letter, resume/curriculum vitae.

Workshop 1: February 6
5PM-6:30PM Work Session / 6:30PM-7PM Questions/Individual Help

Level: Beginner – Focuses on basic skills, best practices to quickly maneuver through InDesign, and design principles

Attendees can expect to learn:
• Shortcut keys, essential tool functionality
• Tips on spacing, aesthetics, things to keep in mind regarding visual representation
• Balance of white space
• Even alignment
• The power of color combinations; complimentary colorways

Topics to be Covered During Lesson:
1. Workspace preferences
2. Overprint Preview
3. Basic tools and use – Primarily used shortcuts
4. Working on multiple layers; Locking layers for background use
5. Guides
6. Text/Typography Principles: Alignment tools, line spacing tricks (key terms: widows/dashes)
7. Display
8. Resolution

Workshop 2: February 16
5PM-6:30PM Work Session / 6:30PM-7PM Questions/Individual Help

Level: Intermediate I – Highlights the strengths of page hierarchy and strategic placement of different elements on the page.

Attendees can expect to learn:
• Visual hierarchy and focal points
• More design principles
• Branding/continuity
• Re-linking
• Image resizing/ Holding shift to scale proportionately
• Hierarchy on the page
• Misuse of fonts; avoiding decorative fonts, understanding serifs and san serifs, hierarchy through size and weight
• Lines, shapes, proportional scaling
• Focal points
• Creating your own swatches/color palettes

Workshop 3: February 23
5PM-6:30PM Work Session / 6:30PM-7PM Questions/Individual Help

Level: Intermediate II – Designed to be a little more detail oriented. Focuses heavily on design tips and principles. Poster Exercise if timing permits.

Attendees can expect to learn:
• Important skills for planning
• Advanced design principles and methods

  1. Pen tool
  2. Opacities
  3. Making your own drop shadows
  4. Clipping Masks
  5. Layout principles
  6. Graphic tips
  7. How to save (packaging fonts)


February 16, 2017
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm