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The New Creativity Panel Discussion with Sylvia Lavin

February 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm

The New Creativity Panel Discussion with Sylvia Lavin 

Sylvia Lavin will be leading a panel of Taubman College Faculty, including Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, John McMorrough, Andrew Holder, and Jaffer Kolb, to review, discuss and use the tools from the New Creativity Workshop.

Sylvia Lavin is an internationally known critic, historian and curator whose work explores the limits of architecture across a wide spectrum of historical periods. Recent books include Flash in the Pan (2104), Kissing Architecture (2011) and Everything Loose Will Land, the catalog accompanying an exhibition focusing on art and architecture in Los Angeles during the 1970s.  Her next exhibition, The New Creativity, explores the relationship between architecture and the radical redefinitions of creativity that have taken place since the advent of computing. Lavin, currently the Director of Critical Studies in Architecture at UCLA, has taught at Princeton, Harvard, Columbia and numerous other institutions and has been recognized by many grants and awards, most recently from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Getty Research Institute and the Graham Foundation.

About the Workshop:
Creativity is no longer the purview of what were once called the creative arts or the people who make them.  Instead, it has become a generalized notion associated more with an attitude than any particular activity or type of production. This diffusion of creativity has, on the one hand, produced a virtually uninterrupted continuum of creative space that houses everything from You’ve Got Talent to an infinite number of square feet of office space, the over-designed but equally ubiquitous counterpart of junk space.  On the other hand, it has also pressed itself onto creative and intellectual disciplines to form a new model of creativity itself.   Combining research with design and mobilizing a network of actions and instruments, the new creativity defines the creative impact of one agent in relation to its capacity to engender creativity in another.



February 10, 2015
6:00 pm