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Turkey Travel Course – Important Information

November 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Cultural Landscapes and Archaeological Sitework in Anatolia – Information Session

Faculty: Kathy Velikov

This course will investigate the landscapes, settlement patterns, cultures and architectural strategies for site preservation and interpretation of archaeological sites of Western and Central Anatolia in Turkey. Part of the course will be spent undertaking activities associated with a regional survey and documentation of architectural remains for the ancient Ionian city of Notion. This course is planned as part of a recently initiated project, undertaken in collaboration with faculty researchers from University of Michigan’s Classics Department and Brown University’s Institute of Archaeology. Students will travel to Turkey and will visit archaeological and world heritage sites in the region Western and Central Anatolia, including the Neolithic settlement of Catalhoyuk, the Hittite settlements of Cappadocia, the Greco-Roman cities of Aphrodisias, Hierapolis (Pamukkale) and Pergamum, the Ionian cities of Ephesos, Miletos, Priene and the sanctuary of Didimya, as well as modern day Istanbul. A significant aspect of the course will be to participate in the current archaeological project being undertaken at the ancient city of Notion, situated on the Aegean coast, approximately 15 km northwest of Ephesos, and 50 km south of İzmir. Students will work with archaeologists and architects currently working on the site, and will learn to undertake activities such as archaeological stone-by-stone drawings, geophysical surveying and documentation of adjacent settlements, landscapes and cultural activities.

Due to the timing of site permit applications to the Turkish Government, this course will have applications due November 19th and deposits due on November 20th. Come to the Information Session on Friday to learn more.

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November 14, 2014
12:00 pm