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Expert discussion with visiting critic Achim Menges

Join visiting critic Achim Megnes, along with Sean Ahlquist, Amy Kulper, Kathy Velikov, Wes McGee and Peter von Buelow, for a discussion on the topic:

Topology, Materiality and Form

Prof. Achim Menges is visiting from the Institute for Computational Design in Stuttgart, Germany to discuss current student work related to the topic of Material Systems. The student work has been developed through various courses and faculty-led research, as a part of the M.Arch, Material of Science in Material Systems and PhD programs. The discussion will examine specific material and computational aspects of the work being presented, while also discussing the scope and relevance of material systems in academia and pratical application. This will be a part of an on-going discussion with experts from various fields related to the topic of Material Systems. To view past and current research, visit the re:MC website at facebook.com/researchMC.

With presentations by current Taubman College M.Arch, MSMS and PhD students. Organized by Sean Ahlquist.

Textile Morphologies w/ CNC Knitted Materials
Equilibrium Structures, Pandush Gaqi and Yi Yuan
Cellular Aggregations, Claire Kang, Nate Oppenheim and Reid Fellenbaum

Computing Structures and Material Behaviors
Evolutionary Strategies for Material Inherent Forms, Dillon Erb
Simulating Intricate Plant Morphologies, Omid Oliyan Torghabehi

Hybrid Composite Morphologies w/ Differentiated Textiles
Deformable Field Systems, Ammar Kalo and Xiang Liu
Malleable Strip Morphologies, Ali Askarinejad, Rizkallah Chaaraouiand and Kavan Shah

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning