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Exhibition On View: Where If Not Us? Participatory Design and Its Radical Approach

Where If Not Us? Participatory Design and Its Radical Approach Exhibition

This exhibition will run from January 20 - February 27.

An exhibition of visual research by architect Mathias Heyden and artist Ines Schaber. Focusing on the work of seven U.S.-based community design architects and planners and their projects, the exhibition presents the findings of a multi-year research project funded by the Graham Foundation. Rarely documented and not yet comprehensively researched, the participatory design movement—a socially engaged architecture and planning practice that cultivates citizen involvement and empowerment—began in the 1960s and grew out of a common concern to democratize design by actively involving all stakeholders. Thousands of projects have been realized throughout the U.S. in the past 50 years by community design centers and professionals who advocated for those without representation in the development process. Recording the history of the work of these pioneering practitioners is crucial as a new generation of architects and planners begin to re-imagine contemporary public interest design.


Where If Not Us?

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