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Affordable Housing, ADUs, and You!

Affordable Housing, ADUs, and You!

In February of 2015, the City of Ann Arbor passed a resolution to create over 2,500 new affordable units in Ann Arbor. One of the ways the City is proposing to increase affordable housing is by legalizing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Ann Arbor. 

Legalizing ADUs would allow homeowners to rent out a converted garage or basement in their house or tiny house on their property. ADUs can be a great option for graduating students and service workers who need affordable options in Ann Arbor and for baby boomers and senior citizens who are looking to downsize and live a low-impact lifestyle.

Come hear about the work of local activists and residents who are building support for affordable housing and ADUs in Ann Arbor. And hear about how you can join the effort by going to Ann Arbor City Council meeting on April 6.


  • Mike Black, long-time Ann Arbor resident who currently restores a 100-year old house on the West Side
  • Caleb Poirier, co-founder of tent city Camp Take Notice, who currently organizes and provides service to the home insecure through MISSION A2
  • Gordon Smith, founder of tent city Camp Serenity and fourth generation Ann Arbor resident

Taubman College is kindly providing lunch, so please RSVP by March 27, if you will be able to attend.
Contact Luke Norman, lknorman@umich.edu, with any questions.

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