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NECTAR Transportation Conference - Plenary Session Keynote: Carey Curtis

You are cordially invited to attend the keynote addresses of the NECTAR (Network on European Communication and Transport Activities Research), and a subconference entitled "Accessibility-Based Evaluation from Laboratory to Practice" to be held in Ann Arbor June 14-16, 2015. Keynote 3 will focus on linking "smart" planning outcomes with planning approaches including deliberative methods, rules/regulations vs. flexible management instruments, and others.

Plenary Session Keynote by Carey Curtis
Professor Curtis is an active national and international researcher. She has won five Australian Research Council research grants and played key leadership roles in two major international research centres (Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport; OMEGA Centre at University College, London) and a European Union Concerted Research Action: TU1002 ‘Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice in Europe’.  Carey was awarded Curtin University’s Researcher awards in 2007, 2009 and 2013. In 2011 she was awarded ‘best research paper’ by the Faculty of Humanities. She has published over 60 papers, book chapters and books. Her book, co-authored with Prof Nicholas Low - Institutional Barriers to Sustainable Transport - was awarded by the Planning Institute Australia (WA) in 2013.

The conference is sponsored by the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center, the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and NECTAR

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