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Exhibition On View: Thesis Honors

Thesis Honors Projects

August – early September
Taubman College Gallery

During their final year – known as the thesis year – architecture graduate students research a topic that culminates in a design project. The projects are exhibited just prior to graduation and reviewed by a panel of outside and faculty experts. These projects are on view over the summer in the College Gallery. 

Top Honors:

  • Alexandra Chen, "Metastatic Metropolis"  
    studio Clutter & Arquero
  • Brian Barber and Joseph Donelko Jr., "Noun Things"
    studio Abrons & Fure
  • Daniel Tish, Steve Sarver, Caitlin Cashner, "Nokomis One"
    studio Borum & Thun
  • Yojairo Lomeli, "The Yada Yada"
    studio Unverzagt
  • Jennifer Ng, "Aeriform Ecologies"
    studio Velikov
  • Andrew Delle Bovi, Grant Herron, Mark Knutson, John Larmor, and Shan Sutherland, "AL-10XX: ReCAST"
    studio Wilcox and McGee
In addition, excerpts from projects from Kulper, Manninger, Newell, and Roddier's studios will be shown on the slant boards in the hallway outside the auditorium.