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Lunch UP: Planning Support Systems as Tools for Collaborative Inquiry

Lunch UP: Planning Support Systems as Tools for Collaborative Inquiry

Presenter: Rob Goodspeed

Planning support systems (PSS) have expanded in planning practice as a means to integrate good information and technical analysis into the planning process. However, PSS definitions lack a description of how PSS can be used in ways which avoid the domination of instrumental rationality and incorporate stakeholder perspectives. This article proposes a new definition of PSS as collaborative tools of inquiry into explicit knowledge of the objective and social worlds—as they are or might be—to produce more intelligent processes and plans. Drawing on ideas from pragmatic philosophy and collaborative planning theory, the article argues that PSS can be incorporated into collaborative planning through a critical practice which seeks to minimize communicative distortions, and implements institutions which provide for a structure of challenges and an accountable division of labor between professionals and stakeholders.

These sessions are a response to requests from faculty and students to learn more about what’s going on in the field in an informal environment. We hope this can inspire emergent thoughts and connections that will inform our scholarship. If you have research you would like to present, or a provocative article you would like to discuss, please speak with Larissa Larsen, David Weinreich, or Carla Kayanan.


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