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Exhibition On-View: Architecture Student Research Grant

Exhibition On-View: Architecture Student Research Grant

Exhibition On-View: October 13 - November 8

Each year, graduating architecture students honor their class by funding a gift called the Architecture Student Research Grant (ASRG). The tradition, initiated by the Class of 2013, provides a unique opportunity for students to support outstanding research from their peers through this competitive grant program. By engaging in projects that tackle themes spanning anywhere from production to consumption, research to practice, the individual to the collective, or the physical to the digital, students will have a chance to re-contextualize and reconstruct their environment. This year’s projects include:

  • Xu Zhang, Tommy Kyung Tae Nam, Hans Hyun Seong Min, Siwei Ren, and Jaekyun Brandon Kang, Carnegie Mellon University, “The Dialogue Between Drawing Machines and Human Ambience”
  • Ian Ting, Eujain Ting, and Joseph Biglin “Hyper Unreal”
  • Kallie Sternburgh and Tafhim Rahman, The Architecture of Loneliness”

To learn more about this exhibtion, visit the Architecture Student Research Grant page.

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