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Healthy Relationships Workshop

Healthy Relationships Workshop

Do you find it hard to say "no" to loved ones? Have you ever wondered how to ask for what you need in relationships? Join us for a workshop that will help students get more in touch with what they value in relationships and how their cultural contexts can shape these values. We will work on skills that can help students build and maintain more fulfilling, safe, and enjoyable relationships. Students will learn strategies to get in touch with their needs and communicate them with others.  Please RSVP for the March 29 workshop here.

The Healthy Relationships Workshop will be led by Naomi Rawitz, LLMSW, post degree fellow at CAPS, Danielle Zohrob, Psy.D, LLP, post degree fellow at CAPS, and Karen Henry, PsyD CAPS Embedded Therapist

Please contact Karen Henry, Psy.D with questions or for more information at karhenry@umich.edu 

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