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postcommodities...architecture after stuff

Symposium: postcommodities...architecture after stuff

One person’s wishlist is already another person’s problem. Prime Day is cruel and you can’t afford the bag your culture is printed on. This persistent materialism is contributing to social inequity and climate crisis alike and from quarries to distribution centers to construction methods, architecture is implicated at all scales of this material overproduction.

This symposium begins from a moment of material reckoning by foregrounding designers and thinkers who are proposing other-again-new modes of operating within this material culture. postcommodities…architecture after stuff explores the possibility of a socio-material ecology by looking into radical reuse, material after materialism, non-optimization, queer supply chains, commercial antagonisms, the importance of maintenance and the role of the digital in all this to set the question:

What can architecture do with all this stuff?

This mixed-modality 2-day symposium will be livestreamed.

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Keller Easterling, Yale School of Architecture
Jack Halberstam, Columbia University

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