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Navigating Research + Practice

Doctoral Colloquium Series Winter 2022, session 2

Panel discussion with Catie Newell and Kathy Velikov, moderated by Christopher Voltl.

The relationship between research and practice is not without its tension, but understanding the potential of each respective method can yield a better understanding, producing a symbiotic relationship between. Research may involve introducing something non-standard or experimental to the design of the built environment or to the analysis of their identifiable parts relating to design or the inhabitants of the space. While Practice is a developed method that has a proven outcome and is reproducible to create an expected output. The panel of experts (Catie Newell, Kathy Velikov) has been assembled to discuss the importance that research has on practice and vice versa. While dissecting the methods exploring where each method is more beneficial to the expected needs & goals of a project.  The discussion will also discuss the funding potentials of each and where research has impacted professional practice and moments where practice has been found to be beneficial to the research/academic process.

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