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Curriculum Vitae

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Laura Peterson

Lecturer in Architecture

Laura Marie Peterson is an architect, artist and educator who led the product development of the WeLive co-housing units, the concept design for the Henry Ford Center for Sustainability, and a ground-up housing and zoning proposal entitled How to Build* Our Own Living Structures that received an honorable mention from the City of Los Angeles. Peterson is co-founder of 1+1+ Architects, who brings architecture to new audiences through scaling down by working with local businesses, developers and non-profits, and scaling up by engaging in systematic issues shaping our built environment today, including housing and climate change. She often collaborates on interdisciplinary projects such as Holy MTA with photographer A-Chan, The Topiary Creatures with Other Fields, and a Circle Fest pavilion proposal with artist Tahir Karmali. Peterson was recently awarded a residency at the Montello Foundation and is co-curator of the 2021 Detroit Month of Design exhibition, also entitled How to Build* Our Own Living Structures. She has taught at Rhode Island School of Design, Columbia University GSAPP and New Jersey College of Architecture & Design. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan, and a Masters of Architecture from the Columbia University GSAPP.