/ Lecturer,

Olaia Chivite Amigo

Lecturer in Architecture

Olaia Chivite Amigo is an architect at INFORM Studio. In addition, she is a recurring research collaborator for MAde Studio, a research-based, collaborative design practice that offers integrated expertise in architecture, landscape, and urbanism. At MAde, her work focuses on developing visualization and representation strategies that depict the social, spatial and ecological dynamics of contested urban spaces. She has contributed to “Dam[n]ed”, “Informal+Sustainable” and “Detroit: Contested Urbanisms of Abandonment” which was exhibited in the 2019 Seoul Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. She has also worked at PLY+ Architecture and Urbanism where she contributed to the Michigan Animal Rescue League project, the Marygrove School in Detroit, and led the upcoming building renovation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Detroit. Olaia holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan.