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Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran

Project Title

Tables and Chairs

About this Project

This project intends to provide the house with its missing staircase. The bleacher-like quality of the stair makes it a space to move through but also a place to linger. Something between a shelf and a ladder, the form of the stair can serve as permanent home for plants or a temporary place for a book or a drink. The stair is designed to be realized with minimal means. Not the "capital M" minimalism of art history, but the more immediate minimalism of survivalists, home depot and the typical apartment dweller's toolbox. Inspired by Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione (roughly translated, it means "self-made" or "self-designed"), the stair is constructed with only cheap 1x2 boards and nails. It is something anyone can make with a saw, hammer and nails. This frankness and simplicity in making, initially a response to the lack of infrastructure (like electricity) in many Detroit homes, is more about practicality than polemics. Rather than offering a critique of contemporary techniques of making, the "lo-fi" quality of this project explores the opportunities of the primitive as an optimistic act.

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