Published: 01/01/2023

Project Term: Winter 2023

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FREE DIRT is a very Mixed Presence, Mixed Reality Installation. The project utilizes invasive plant species (weeds downloaded from Quixel Bridge and seeds found in local yards and forests), interactive robotics, Twitch Chat Commands, fallen tree branches (fashioned into a primitive hut-like roomscale VR space), and free dirt from Craigslist Free to create a massively interactive game and garden, where architecture origin myths are replayed, made and destroyed.

The origin stories and practices of Architecture are tethered to notions of stability in relation to and reflective of the natural world. This project locates itself within our world that is ever more capturable and ever more realistically rendered and simulated, all amidst total ecological collapse. Creating a living, alternative future and garden of invasive species, FREE DIRT develops a layered physical, digital multiverse from weeds, where ecology and technology are placed into communion within an unruly, self-fragilizing ecosystem.


Leah Wulfman

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Photo Credit: Leah Wulfman, Jacob Brown