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Daisy Chain

This is a 5' tall by 20' wide section from a much larger installation, that until now, was in my friend's backyard garden taking on a second life as proper lawn ornamentation.* This event will be its third.

It is a very large thing inspired by very small children's pinwheels. The original installation was a 25’ wide by 20’ tall wall of pin-wheels, designed and built as the main stage design to the trash rock music festival, Mosswood Meltdown 2019**, hosted by John Waters, in Oakland, CA. To embrace the chaos of the windy outdoor site, a psychedelic effect of stripes and moire occurs when spinning with the breeze. It was made by hand on the cheap, repurposing unremarkable readymades and other cheap materials toward happier ends in the spotlight. Additionally, most materials were designed to be returnable to meet the project budget and the festival's ephemeral nature.

Due to this iteration being indoors, a smaller 5'x'5' section is also shared with you all, allowing curious wheelers to push the daisy and see it spin. It is an install on the move. Materials: PVC pipes, duct tape, artist tape, polycarbonate sheet, paracord.

*The garden install was completed in 2020.
**Formerly known as Burger Boogaloo Music Festival.


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