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The Split/View is a permanent installation built on the grounds of the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of five winning entries to the LANDed: Innovative Garden Sculptures design competition. Entrants to the invited competition were asked to submit proposals for structures that creatively challenged distinctions between the categories of “landscape”, “sculpture” and “architecture”, and create new ways to engage the large formal gardens that exist on the site.

The form of the Split/View structure was conceived to play upon the interactive dynamics of two distinct, yet oppositional aspects of architecture: geometric form and perceptual experience. When viewed from the outside, or in plan, the steel structure appears as a reduced and rational form, composed of simple modules (8’ x 8’ bays). From the inside looking out the geometric structure is occluded by the changing spatial dynamics of the wedges as they divide the view along the central frame. By running two contradictory models of order (geometric and perceptual) against one another, the structure frames the schism between the way things appear to us visually and the way we know them to be intellectually.

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