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LAX: The Los Angeles Experiment

LAX: The Los Angeles Experiment is the outgrowth of an experimental design studio at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Based on a workshop involving 12 noted architects and critics, editor Mick McConnell has written a "road diary" of discussions, readings, field trips, and building experiments, all revolving around the riot-torn fabric of Los Angeles. This diary gives the reader an insider's view of architectural design and theoretical practice emerging from the Venice, California school. In three segments Body, Scene, and Project-McConnell guides the reader through the workshop, while essays by Michael Rotondi, Aaron Betsky, Lebbeus Woods, Michael Sorkin, Wolf Prix, Hani Rashid, Sanford Kwinter, Christian Hubert, Marc Hawker and Joerg Tischer, and Laurie Hawkinson and Henry Smith-Miller contribute illustrated, critical texts for thinking about and designing a new architecture.

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