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Platform for Architecture & Makin' It (A Situation Comedy)

This project brings together two things: architecture and television.

Platform for Architecture & Makin' It…(A Situation Comedy)

This project brings together two things: architecture and television. The architecture is both an experiment in domesticity for a house without walls and the set for a television show called Makin' It, a situation comedy that follows the ups and downs of a family of architects and their struggle to find clients and projects.

The focus of this project is not material (though materials are used), nor is it construction (though it is constructed). Rather, this project concentrates on architecture's capacity to make space through the means of configuration and representation, and uses the situation comedy (sit-com) to reach a wide audience.

Drawing on the parallels between the working methods of architects and (film) directors as orchestrators of intention with an array of working collaborations, the project operates in an expanded field of design that includes delineation, writing, fabrication, filming, performing and editing. By making one thing (architecture) into many (a space, a set, a production, an installation, and a show) the project has a number of incarnations.

Project Leads

studioAPT: Julia McMorrough, John McMorrough

Collaborators: Platform for Architecture

Design Assistant: Jordan Hicks
Engineering & Building: SkyShips Design / Al McWaters
Painting: Dan Erickson

Production Assistant / Editor: Will Martin
Actors: Ruth Crawford, Hugh Maguire

Duderstadt Center Video Studio: Jacques Mersereau, Jeff Alder, David Greenspan, Glenda Radine, Kathi Reister, Walter Lin, Rown Niemisto, Colin Fulton, Christopher Schaublin

Special Thanks to: Monica Ponce de Leon(Dean - Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning), Maker Works Ann Arbor(for providing fabrication and storage facilities), MaryAnn Wilkinson(RTM 2013 Exhibition Curator)

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