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City of Nights: Detroit Illuminated

City of Nights: Detroit Illuminated

The adjustment to our perception of space found within the presence of darkness demonstrates that space is not solely defined by its physical parameters. By looking at a city not through the usual material infrastructures, but rather with the immateriality of light and darkness, alternate readings in the volumes and occupation emerge.

Instigated by observations of the darkness in Detroit, City of Nights is an investigation in the development of tools and representations for exposing alternative spaces formulated with light. 

Existing for a greater part of the day, the condition of night drastically alters our understanding of a city from its daylight counter-part. One of these most extreme examples of physical urban context paired unintentionally with limited lighting sources is Detroit, where illumination is comprised and diminished. The strained electrical infrastructure of the city registers the differences between public and private light sources. Operating after nightfall in Detroit intentionally exposes the alterations of space that occurs with darkness and its paired (or missing) illumination. This research seeks to identify, amplify, and agitate such conditions through alternate propositions for illumination. 

The propositions visualize and spatialize light as a critical quality of space within neighborhood blocks. Concentrating on the domestic setting, the work provokes the realm of the private to provide light for the public.

Project Leads:

Karl Daubmann, Osman Kahn (UM Stamps School of Art and Design), Catie Newell and Ammar Kalo

Project Team: Simon Anton, Patrick Ethan, Ric Foley, John Guinn, Matthew Jensen, Nora León, Rachel Mulder, Le Nguyen, Taylor Ross, Annie-Locke Schrer

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