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Master of Urban and Regional Planning


/ Recent Taubman Graduate

Anthony Bui

We all have different stories, yet our shared desire for a better city unites us. Diversity is a strength, and Taubman embodies that.

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Degree Program(s)

Graduation Date
May 2023

Academic Areas of Interest
Transportation, housing, economic development, sociology, public policy

Hobbies or interests outside of academia
Traveling, long walks

Why did you choose Taubman College as the right program for you?
Taubman College was the right program because it has prepared me with the tools and opportunities to become more than just an urban planner. Being a top-ranked program nationally, there are so many learning and networking opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Planners have many roles and values that may be in agreement or conflict, whether it is promoting economic development, sustainability, social equity, and urban policies, all of which Taubman has prepared me for.

What is special or excites you about the Taubman community?
Every member of the Taubman community comes from all walks of life. I get the opportunity to work with people with different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives, all of which enhance my understanding of the world around me. We all have different stories, yet our shared desire for a better city unites us. Diversity is a strength, and Taubman embodies that.

Describe your experience with faculty and professional staff during your time at Taubman?
Every faculty member I had the opportunity to work with is passionate about what they do and what they hope to achieve. Whether it is expanding transit accessibility to underserved areas throughout the U.S. or combating Brazil’s affordable housing crisis, they want to make an impact on communities. Furthermore, faculty members are readily available for you to discuss any matters a student may bring to the table, like seeking feedback on a project, writing a letter of recommendation, and so on.

How has Taubman’s career and professional development support prepared you for a successful career in your chosen field?
Taubman’s career and professional development team have certainly supported me in my career pursuits. Scheduling a meeting with them is easy, and the staff is readily available to provide resume feedback, career advice, and class recommendations to meet your career goals. Also, the Taubman externship program helps students connect with architecture and planning firms and learn directly from experienced professionals.

What benefits have you experienced being part of the University of Michigan?
One of the best things about the University of Michigan is our alumni network. There are more than 600,000 living alums scattered around the world, and with that comes global connections. I can be in a rural town in Iowa or a museum in Vietnam and still somehow manage to find a U-M alumni. It just goes to show that you’re never too far away from a Wolverine.

What do you like most about being part of the Ann Arbor community?
Ann Arbor is consistently ranked highly as one of the best college towns in the U.S., and it certainly earns that title. Ann Arbor is one of those all-encompassing communities where you have a vibrant art and food scene from all different parts of the world. You can experience the excitement of game day at the Big House, and yet one still can escape to Nichols Arboretum to get away from it all. Ann Arbor has everything I need to thrive.

What advice would you give prospective students as they consider Taubman College?
When you think about Taubman College, think impact. Taubman gives students the platform to rise to the challenges of today’s world. We’re made in Michigan, but built for the world. And if you still have questions or concerns, reach out to Taubman professors, students, and the admissions team, as we are all willing to help you reach your goals.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on continuing my current position at Amtrak, creating and ensuring multimodal connections between our trains and intercity bus/ferry partners. With the unprecedented amount of funding allocated to Amtrak, I hope to develop a network of thruway routes that not only feed into the Amtrak network but also connect small rural communities to the rest of the country. I have always wanted to work in the realm of public transportation and equity, and Amtrak allows me to do that.

Additional advice or thoughts you’d like to share with prospective students?
The Taubman experience is what you make of it. Taubman and other U-M schools provide so many opportunities to learn hard skills and brush up on soft skills, attend thought-provoking seminars, meet industry leaders, and, most importantly, make lifelong friends. However, if you’re just looking to go to class and go home, you’re not making the best of what Taubman and the University of Michigan have to offer. I encourage you to explore more of what we have to offer to maximize your experience at Taubman.